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Webbased Inventory Management System (Web Based Software)

Welcome to Webstockman.com – enabling the “ web based inventory management from anywhere , anytime” through mobile or desktop.

Webstockman - Webbased Inventory Management and billing System is a cloud based,webbased,mobile compatible erp software.

Webstockman.com software is basically planned to give web based inventory solutions to MSME sector , Particularly for Traders and those who stock items in single (or) multiple locations and sell those items. Mainly :-

  • For those who have single outlet but would like to manage it from home or office.
  • For those who have multiple branches and would like to control and know the stock in any branch at any time from anywhere. This is how it works:-
  • Single units - Do vendor management / price comparison/ and purchase and send the stock to stores.
  • Multiple branch unites :- Do the purchase in HO – send it to branches
  • Let the sales happen in single branch or multiple locations, Integrate all those sales to your Tally* accounting software – just by “click of a button” .
  • Know the sales done in any branch /any time/anywhere
  • Know the closing stock of any item /from anywhere /anytime.
  • Want a sms whenever a bill is done? We will provide it for you.

Its has become so much important for present day businessman to be aware of the

  • Stock and inventory position of his company at any given time.
  • He needs to know Where how much inventory /stock is available,
  • How much inventory /stock has been sold, How many inventory /stock are defective,
  • How much inventory /stock has been returned,
  • What is the inventory /stock in branchs, What is the inventory /stock in Head office,
  • What is the inventory /stock position in other country branchs, Status of inventory /stock dispatched on any given day
  • Webstockman.com ( web based inventory and billing software) is an exclusive product for Small and Medium enterprise from Nissi Infotech P Ltd the Market leader in Web based software and Mobile compatible software.

Web based inventory management “ is being promoted among the MSME sector, to help them to use the advanced cloud facilities to reduce the overheads of managing the inventory and at the same time keep the cost of software as low as possible.

Webstockman.com has the following modules:-
Inventory :-
  1. Stores module
    1. Purchase module
    2. Vendor Management module
  2. GST
  3. Billing module (online billing module)
  4. Integration to tally * accounting software is also available
Thus a complete package of Web Inventory, Billing and accounting management Software.
Webstockman features and how it works.
  1. Inventory Masters is a one time set up in which customers can add all the Materials details and update the opening stock details.
  2. add and manage the vendor details, vendor tax details, vendor item details.
  3. add and manage customer details for which we can do billings, tax master.
  4. Integrate to Tally* accounting software and send the same to your auditor.
  5. Its all as simple as that.
Inventory Transactions :-
  1. Vendor management :- In vendor management we store the details of all the vendors and do the price comparison before purchase.
  2. Purchase management :- Create purchase orders, where we can place the purchase , stock, items , materials.
  3. Stores Management :- Send the purchased items to STORES - with a A detailed ISO standard GRN to inward the stock purchased into stores.
  4. Billing Transactions :- Do the billing transactions of the items with GST , and payment details. Once the billing is done , it is immediately reflected in Head office .
  5. Reports :- Reports regarding all the masters and transactions in crystal report format is available. Where you can print,export the details to any other formats like pdf, word ,xl etc.
*tally * accounting software brand is owned by respective owners.

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Explanation of the modules of the "webstockman" - a web based software

Inventory Control System

Stores and Master Information

Vendor Management

Vendor Details, Vendor Rating

Purchase Order

Transaction for Purchase Routine

Inventory to accounts

Integration software for Tally

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